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Heat Exchanger Cleaning by Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning

Heat Exchanger Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning‘s recommended heat exchanger plate pack cleaning service starts with recording the dimensions prior to opening the unit. The next step is inspecting and logging each plate in the heat exchanger to check for any damaged plates or gaskets which need to be replaced. We notify client of any concerns related to plate pack before starting any cleaning of plates or unit.

Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning heat exchanger cleaning begins by removing gaskets for plates which require replacement, prior to the cleaning process. In an environment where water pressure is not permitted, we use dry ice blasting to clean the plates of scale and product buildup. If water pressure is permitted, we use a pressure washer system and a drain pan to divert water to a drainage line. For instances of heavy buildup where water pressure or dry ice will not suffice, we place plates in a non-abrasive chemical bath, depending on the material of the plates. After the chemical bath, we rinse the plates with water to ensure no chemicals are left on the plates. We use an acetone-based chemical to remove adhesive from gasket grooves. We inspect the plates for cracks, holes, or any other issues which may affect performance.

We install fresh gaskets to the clean plates with an adhesive that is specified for your operating conditions, to include application, temperature, and pressure.  Plates are inspected for correct gasket installation, proper bonding of adhesive and gasket, excess adhesive is removed, and to ensure there are no deformations of plate or gasket.

Plates will be re-installed on heat exchanger in the same sequence that they were removed, and the heat exchanger will be closed to same dimensions as measured before opening unit.  Once the plate pack is re-installed and the heat exchanger is closed back to initial dimensions, the heat exchanger is turned back on and hydro-tested to ensure proper sealing of gaskets and that the unit does not leak.


Scope Procedures:

  • Plate Pack and Gasket Inspection: Plate packs will be removed and replaced in the same sequence that they are installed on unit prior to inspection. Plates and gaskets will be logged and inspected for any damage which require attention. Results of inspection will be provided to building supervisor.
  • Plate Cleaning: We will use the plate cleaning process which is best suited to the environment of the heat exchanger. If water drainage is not feasible, we will use dry ice blasting to clean the plates. If water drainage is available, we will use water pressure to clean the plates. In situations with abnormal buildup on plates, we will place plates in a non-abrasive chemical bath and rinse them off with water prior to re-gasketing.
  • Plate Re-Gasketing: If plates used an adhesive based seal for gaskets, then the existing adhesive will be removed with an acetone-based cleaner. Snap in gaskets do not require an adhesive to seal properly. If adhesive is required, then the appropriate adhesive will be selected to adhere to application, temperature, and pressure. Gaskets will be installed to plates and allowed time to adhere to gasket groove. Plates will be re-inspected to ensure proper gasket installation, solid bonding, no deformations, and excess adhesive is removed.
  • Plate Reinstallation and Hydro-Test: The plates will be re-installed to unit in same sequence as they were removed and the unit will be closed to same dimensions as it was before opening. A hydro-test will be conducted by turning unit on to ensure proper sealing and no water leakage from the unit. If water leakage occurs, plates will be adjusted until liquid-seal is working as designed.


Heat Exchange Reporting and Recommendations: Upon completion of heat exchange plate pack cleaning, Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning will provide before – after photos and documentation to outline everything that was done. Recommendations for plate or gasket replacement will be outlined in the report. Additional recommendations may be added in report based on visual clues from plates.


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Heat Exchanger Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080

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