Grease Duct / Hood Cleaning


Grease Duct / Hood Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080The Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning Grease Duct / Hood Cleaning procedures include the following components: all accessible areas in the hoods, duct, fans, filters and plenum area.

Cleaning is performed by pressure washing hoods, fans, filters and all accessible areas of ductwork (scraping may be necessary). Exhaust fans will be opened, tipped, or removed and all accessible areas will be cleaned with high pressure hot water. Any areas that need an access panel installed are included in the total estimate.

Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning will furnish all labor, insurance, workers compensation insurance and cleaning material and equipment. A cleaning certification sticker will be applied the exterior of the kitchen exhaust hood.

Water will be disposed of in the sanitary sewer system or through a grease trap where available and in compliance with applicable code. Solid waste will be disposed of in an available dumpster. All work areas will be cleaned before leaving the work sight. Hyper Clean Duct will be responsible for all before and after set up and take down.


Grease Duct / Hood Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080

Grease Duct / Hood Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080


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Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning is a NADCA – ASCS Certified Commercial and Residential Duct Cleaning service provider based in Midlothian, VA. Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning provides detailed photographic reporting, camera inspection services, grease hood cleaning, Aeroseal and Traditional Duct Sealing, Encapsulation, Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Cooling Tower Cleaning and Coating, Air Handler Cleaning and Coating, and more throughout Virginia. Contact us today to see the Hyper Clean difference. “More Than Clean, Hyper Clean!


Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning provides a service that is incomparable to any other service contractor in the industry. A NADCA Member with over 25 years of combined HVAC experience we will provide you with an experience that leaves you with zero doubt that your HVAC system(s) are running as efficiently as possible when services are rendered. The knowledge we possess of the logistics behind the HVAC system themselves give us the opportunity to provide a service that will save you energy and reduce your liability.

Grease Hood Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080

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