Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Coating

Cooling Tower Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080The Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning recommended Cooling Tower Cleaning and scale removal process begins with testing the water inside of the water-cooling tower to identify any potential health hazards, such as Legionella bacteria.  We also identify any signs of inefficiency in water treatment, such as Biofilm and Chlorine levels.  Then we inspect the condition of the tower and its components to identify any parts that may not be working as intended.  We record the results of the tests and share any potential hazards in a comprehensive report.

We start by placing a cover over the sump to prevent debris from going down the line, and then begin cleaning the fan deck and spraying the chambers above the water spray system to remove any dirt and debris buildup.  Next, we clean all of the metal surfaces on the interior and exterior of the tower to remove any algae and other surface contaminants.  Then we use water pressure to remove scale from the fill on the interior and exterior of the tower.  We vacuum the scale and debris inside and outside the tower, and then we use water pressure to push any debris that is trapped under the fill to the inside of the tower.  We vacuum all debris that is pushed from under the fill, and clean the basin of the tower.

Scope Procedures:

  • Water Testing and Unit Inspection: Water is tested for presence of harmful bacteria and for effectiveness of water treatment chemicals. Tower is visually inspected for any broken or malfunctioning components.


  • Fan Deck: We remove covers to spray nozzle compartment and clean contaminants from the system, and then replace covers over the system. Fan deck and fan blades are cleaned of dirt and algae.


  • Metal Surfaces: Interior and exterior metal surfaces are cleaned with water pressure to remove any algae and dirt buildup.


  • Clean and De-Scale Fill: Interior and exterior fill will be de-scaled and cleaned with water pressure to remove all accessible scale buildup. Water pressure will also be applied under fill from exterior to push all scale and contaminants to interior of tower.


  • Vacuum and Clean Basin: Scale and contaminants will be removed from tower with wet/dry vacuum, and then tower basin will be cleaned with water pressure.  A cover will be placed over sump line to prevent debris from entering sump.


Cooling Tower Cleaning | Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning (804) 744-1080


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